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Photos for sale from Black Mountain, North Carolina by Kent A. Barnes

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Photos of Black Mountain, North Carolina

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New Years eve sunset in Black Mountain, NC

Old Thomas Chapel  Black Mountain, NC

Thru the Gazebo Black Mountain, NC

Lake Tomahawk w/seven sisters Black Mountain, NC

foggy morning on the railroad


Cherry Street Square Black Mountain,NC

Rattlesnake Mountain looking west to Black Mountain

Lower Cherry Street Black Mountain, NC

State Street Black Mountain, NC

Black Mountain, NC


Railroad Tunnel entrance at Ridgecrest, NC

Town Hardware Black Mountain, NC

Cherry Lane Black Mountain, NC

Upper Cherry Street Black Mountain, NC

Old Depot Black Mountain, NC


Broadway Black Mountain, NC

old barn in Black Mountain, NC

Town of Black Mountain, NC from rattlesnake sumit

Centential monument Black Mountain, NC

Gazebo at Lake Tomahawk  Black Mountain, NC

snow in April on the Gazebo


Mt Mitchell as seen from Swannanoa, NC

Catawba Falls in the Fall

Kitazuma Cliffs at Ridgecrest, NC

Lookout Trail, Montreat, NC

Black Mountain United Methodist Church

road in the fall


Ducks on Lake Tomahawk  Black Mountain, NC

Tabernacle Methodist Church  Black Mountain,NC

View from the Golf Course  Black Mountain,NC

Craggie Mountains from Black Mountain, NC

Cherry Street Black Mountain, NC

Cherry Street Shops Black Mountain,NC
7 Black Mountain in the Valley North Fork valley from Laurel Ridge Black Mountain, Swannanoa Chamber of Commerce    

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